URNIK: AVGUST: ZAPRTO // 1.–15. SEPTEMBER: 18.00–22.00, sobote in nedelje odprto samo v primeru dežja!

OPENING HOURS: August: CLOSED // 1–15 SEPTEMBER: 6pm–10 pm, Saturdays and Sundays open only in case of rain!


ODPRTE PRIJAVE za novo sezono vodene vadbe! Za več info pišite na plusclimbing@gmail.com!

APPLICATIONS OPENING for the climbing courses in the new season! For more info write to plusclimbing@gmail.com!

Plus Climbing

100+ balvan problems

More than 100x bolder experiences for bolder lovers.

6000+ holds

Countless opportunities for everyone whose fingers are itching.

the biggest balvan hall

900 square meters of gym surfaces.


Spacious parking next to the climbing center – you can park for free from 3 pm onwards.


Hampi bar for everyone thirsty and hungry.

For the whole family

Also children who want to have fun trying our bolders are more than welcome.


We want the climbing culture to expand and develop, to show that climbing is a very good functional exercise with extraordinary effects – therapeutic, anti-stress and social. Climbing effectively contributes to individual personality growth and psychological development. It’s a workout that is not necessarily directed at competitiveness, you can just come to have a nice time and enjoy a company like minded.

Climb to the top

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