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At The Climbing Center Koper everyone has the opportunity to try out our climbing holds and start with the exercise that stimulates the flexibility and strength of the whole body.


Climbing Courses for Children

Climbing is a great sports activity for children from the age of 4. They can start with an easy workout in the form of fun climbing games on the low wall, where they will learn their first climbing steps. When they get a little older, they can continue with a relaxed and safe exercise, suitable for their age and climbing knowledge.

With the help of climbing, games and socialising, children will develop their ability to concentrate, physical strength, coordination, motor skills and balance. We confront them with different mobility challenges, help them overcome the fear of heights and teach them how to control their bodies well. Climbing is a perfect way for them to channel their inexhaustible energy and turn it into controlled and planned movement, that works wonders on their ability to concentrate and their physical strength.

Climbing is a social sport so we make sure that children can hang out and have fun with their peers, which strengthens their sense of trust in other people. Every climbing success helps them develop a healthy and good self-esteem.



Registrations for the school year 2018/19 are finished. If you are still interested, we kindly ask you to fill in the e-application form; as soon there will be a place for you, we will let you know.

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